Agent Quotes

Keep up the good work!

Call clients that cant attend inspection to talk to them about the home.

Keep doing what you're doing.

It still bothers me that I have to make mention to not copy the listing agents on inspection confirmations. I know you want to market your services...after the inspection items are negotiated between buyer and seller would be a more appropriate time.

first experience and will definitely recommend to other clients

Your inspectors seem to always work the needs of My buyers in to their time frame to set an appointment that meets their needs.Over all you have answers for the problems that do not blow a transaction.At this time I have foud that you have done a great job for Me.I never phone any one else.I just have not had a great number of sales,if some one else sells one of my listings than the choise is out of my hands.

The inspector was very nice, but needs to work a bit on being more confident. It was difficult to extablish a rapport with him, which was a tough combo with new inexperienced buyers.

I will use your service again.

Format Summary section of the report so it isn't in all-caps (bold is okay). It would be much easier to read that way.

Inspect additional items: ex. Sprinkler System. Was a little disappointed on my last inspection as I requested 2 inspectors as I had to leave by 5:30 to pick up my children. I arrived at the property at 1:45 and did not leave until 6:00pm. This caused additional costs at daycare and made for an very long day.

You have my loyalty


I will always call you, the only thing that would change that is if you were not available.

Nothing, I will always work with you, if you are available.

I've been selling real estate for almost 30 years and I have NEVER seen a 91 page inspection report that we found difiicult to figure out especially when your market GOOD on everything , yet you said everything was AWFUL and needed repair. Very confusing report. I would never use your services.

Substantially reduce the size of your inspection report and be more clear with the recommendations for repairs. At 80 pages the report was one of the least useful I've seen in terms of clearly understanding what specifically about the subject property you were trying to say. And you should include a photo of everything that merits a comment.

We will use you again. One suggested improvement to your reports would be to use bullets or not have all items in all caps. All caps is difficult to read.

I am sorry but you are too late - I only use your services!!!

Include more photos of issues in reports. The last one didn't show the location of the damaged electrical outlets or document with any photos.

if i need to have inspection in the next time

Nothing obviously I'm hooked!

An explanation of the thermal imagery would have been nice.

Nothing. Would certainly use you folks again, and most certainly recommend you to friends who need inspections done. I did not answer number 4 since I have no experience with inspectors in Seattle to compare you with.


Can't think of anything

price seemed high. nobody turned off the water despite the fact that leaks were found.

Nothing, if faced with the need for a home inspection I will go with your service.

you are always my first choice

Not a thing. Our last inspection done in East Wenatchee was very badly done. After seeing what a real inspection should look like we are more than happy to recommend your service to others.

Thought that we previously paid for an inspection with Discover over the phone but this time put payment info in through web and only had Visa/MC options. If you take Discover, add it to the payment options? Otherwise, no additional suggestions.

I don't think you would have to change anything.I would recommend your company very highly.

don't use ALL CAPS in reports. makes it difficult to copy and paste when doing the inspection response. Looks like buyer is YELLING about already sensitive topic.

offer a 'short' inspection service at lower cost for pre-inspections.

You guys are awesome. I hope I can use you more this year!

reset the GFCI breakers after you trip them, turn down the heaters after you test them, you left them on high and the bedroom was like a sauna on an 80 degree summer day.

Nothing because I will be doing just that

consider a 'scaled down' inspection version for less $ -

I will use again.

Your reports are sometimes confusing with a lot of duplicate information. On the other hand, you guys are better looking - so it's all good.

On older homes I like to hire an inspector who is also a structural engineer. Do any of your employees have that background?

The inspector arrived a full hour before the scheduled appointment time. I'm accustomed to them showing up a bit early to accommodate tight schedule times as they can always begin with outside inspection issues. A full hour early seemed a bit excessive without any advance notice; the Seller has 2 dogs to manage and planned to be gone at the scheduled time. When the Seller said she would gather her dogs and leave early, the inspector said something close to "Now you can go shopping" "Why don't you just go shopping." This really didn't set up the inspection in its best possible light. The Seller wasn't pleased.

Keep doing what you do well.

I think Jeff or whoever does the inspection should be available to us agents by phone, as well as the customer. If my customer wants to talk to Jeff, since he didn't attend the inspection, there is no way you've provided.

Our problem was: The report does not show the true state of this property, which is uninhabitable, thus making it hard to ask for repair compensation. Everything in this house needs repair--the plumbing & wiring have been torn out, the heat pump could not be made to operate, the baseboard heaters didn't work, the decks have dry rot, the roof needs work, the siding is rotten, the walls need new sheetrock, almost all doors need repairs., the downstairs walls are 70% full of moisture, new windows & sliding doors are needed. Yet the report reflected that the condition was good, but just needed a little attention--it minimized some major problems, such as the heat pump still working. To my knowledge, because copper wiring & plumbing was torn out, we couldn't turn it on. Also, no emphasis was placed on its age (1976) in the summary, which suggested it might need replacement. Because it was obvious, & we knew about it, the report didn't mention that most of the sheetrock, most interior doors & all the flooring needed to be replaced. This house, in its current state, is uninhabitable. In order for the buyer to get an allowance for repair from the seller, it has to give a clear picture of the costly problems, instead of putting stars by the "good condition" on the summary bar.

Can't think of anything to change, execpt maybe when I call sometimes the phone just rings without going to VM :)

If I buy another home, I'll be in touch!

Nothing. I have continued to use your services for over 6 years now, and am extremely satisfied with your services. I don't intend to switch inspectors at all. I believe your company is the best in the business when it comes to home inspections!

nothing, I would.

I will use your service whenI sell in this area.

You have already secured our business for any future inspection.

Offer volume discounts on 10 or more homes.

Stay competitive in pricing and keep your techs up to date in training

Nothing I can think of.

Very informative report, thank you...however the critial evaluation of the roof was not indicated in the sliding scale. You should use it or toss it.

I think this survey should go to selling agent, I wasn't at inspection, I'm the listing agent

I will use you

May, but it wasn't I who ordered your services.


I will definitely use Jeff for inspections in the future.

Nothing. Just be in business.