Single Family Home Inspections:

Our Single Family Home Inspections are simply the most complete inspections you can find. At ISN, we are always expanding the inspection process to incorporate the latest equipment and techniques.

We are on the cutting-edge of the inspection industry and work hard every day to ensure we provide you with the most in-depth knowledge available. Our ultimate goal is to safeguard your new home and protect you as a consumer.

What we include in each inspection:

Infrared inspection:

Every ISN inspection includes a full infrared scan of your new home. Our infrared technology takes the inspection process beyond the scope of the naked eye and increases the knowledge the inspector can deliver to you as a home buyer. Don't risk what is likely the biggest investment decision you will make with incomplete information. See our in-depth infrared inspection description to understand the benefits of using infrared technology in the inspection process.

Pest report:

The inspection includes a preliminary pest report. this report includes a sketch of the home showing all issues related to wood destroying orginism and any active infestations.

Full narrative report:

ISN's residential inspection reports are created using a custom report format of our own design, and exceed the American Society of Homes Inspectors, American Institute of Inspectors, Foundation of Real Estate Appraisers, Housing Inspection Foundation, National Association of Certified Inspectors, National Association of Inspectors reporting standards. The report contains sections devoted to each of the mechanical systems (heating, plumbing, and electrical), the building exterior, roof, landscaping, garage, foundation, interior, kitchen, bathrooms, and attic. Each section describes the components present, their condition, age and any necessary repairs. The immediate repairs required from each section are summarized on one page for easy reference or attachment to an inspection response addendum to help guide you in your purchase process.

The skill of clear communication is at the heart of ISN's inspection process. Our inspectors are trained to both complete the rigorous inspection process and to include you in the knowledge uncovered. We want to ensure you understand the meaning behind our findings as well as how your new home works. Your education is our goal!

Our highly trained professional inspectors results in a flawless inspection process. Unlike many inspection companies, ISN is staffed with only top tier inspectors who believe training and learning should be continuous.

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Condominium Inspections: We cover more than our competitors

A condominium unit or townhouse inspection includes all items included in the single family inspection and the analysis of the common area components to ensure the homeowners association has been correctly maintaining the property.

Unlike most of our competitors we understand that the condition of the common areas of a building can be the cause of special assessments costing you thousands of dollars. We inspect common areas for major defects with every condominium inspection.


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