Report Samples

Different Report Types Are Available Below

Our aim on every inspection is to provide a comprehensive and thorough report for our clients.  Unlike many companies that use off-the-shelf third party software, we use our own in-house report writing software. This allows us to provide much more detailed and targeted information to our clients. Our reports are designed with professionals in mind. Our intent is to provide the detail needed for an executive not visiting the site to understand the overall condition of the building components. The reports take you to the site through photos and detailed descriptions of defects and their effect on the building. We also understand that an investment property is an income stream and the costs of repairs or replacements completely dictate the viability of the project. Our report writing is specifically tailored to give you the best information possible for the likely cash demands from repairs or replacements in the next 5 years.  Below is a sampling of various reports that we have created for clients.

Commercial Report

Residential Report

Multi-Family Interior

Roofing Analysis

Multi-Family Exterior